Site Work:
Residential | Light Industrial | Commercial

Grand River Contracting Services specializes in the complete excavation process of any construction site. This includes:

- Driveways

- Basements or Foundations

- Post Hole and Footings

- Septic Field and Tank Preparation

- Backfill

- Landscaping

- Tree and Stump Removal

Agricultural Excavation:

Grand River Contracting Services is located in Saranac, MI -situated deep within a farming community. 

We are experts at meeting the needs of our agricultural neighbors such as:

- Ditch Digging

- Culvert Installation

- Tree and Stump Removal

- General Earth Moving


Not only do we build things up, we can take things down too. We know how things are put together and we know how to safely disconnect and remove structures.

We can meet your demolition needs such as:

- Taking Down Existing Structures

- Removing Waste 

- Clearing a Site

- Filling in Empty Space